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George Samaha

President & Chief Executive Officer

George Samaha became President and CEO of Lithcor Inc. in 2018, due to his passion for innovation in mineral exploration. With personal insight and partnerships with industry leaders, George has an innate ability to recognize opportunity within the energy industry, and evolve creativity into reality.

As a company with growing operations in Canada, Lithcor Inc. is focused on producing technology with the goal of obtaining precious minerals and industrial metals; making life better for everyone, everywhere, while championing diversity, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.

George has more than 20 years of experience in the energy industry across several countries; he began his career as a gyro field technician and business development manager in directional drilling services. In those positions, George developed an in-depth understanding of client needs, innovative technology, and business insight that continues to play a pivotal role in his career.

Before starting Lithcor Inc., George was a founder and Principal of Horizon Resource Management Ltd; a successful multi-million dollar company with 15 years of service in the Western Sedimentary basin. To date, George remains in this position. Prior to Horizon Resource Management Ltd., George was a successful business development manager with multiple clients and over 40 million dollar annual sales at Computalog Drilling Services.

George is a leader who inspires action, while simultaneously remaining grounded in financial responsibility that ensures success in business. Respected as a credible voice in decision maker, finding strategic business alliances, and establishing governance boundaries; George earns a seat at the table wherever he aims to serve.

George is based in Calgary, Alberta.